Social Media Affects Branding:-

84% of CEOs and VPs believe that Social Media helps them to take purchasing decisions. 83% people say they heard about a brand or product on it before hearing from any other source. Impressive numbers, right?

That’s the kind of effect that Social platform presence is making on the brands today. The world of Social Media is making a huge amount of change in the way how traditional marketing worked. The impact of this sites affects branding presence on your brand presence cannot be denied. In fact, it is affecting your business in countless ways. Below are a few popular ones on how your presence on Social sites affects branding.

1. Social media can be used to drive targeted traffic:

The best thing about it that its diversity. Every Social platform caters a different user group and interest, which makes it useful for your targets or prospects according to their varied interests and opinions. Once your users connect with your brand as per their choice of mediums, it becomes easier to drive targeted traffic for your business.

2. Boost traffic and SEO:

Seo is all about content and link building. Google has yet not started monitoring your social links to work as backlinks for your website which gives your brand a big advantage for recognition. Gone are the days of creating link juices for the sake of getting viewers’ attention. Your potential audience can be made aware of your brand directly via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Your social sites presence can potentially bring a good traffic to your website.

3. Helps in Relationship Building:

Your social sites not only helps you cater new business clients but also serves in enriching your existing ones. The key to having a healthy relationship with your customers is to ‘Stay in Touch’ via your posts on Social Media. This also keeps them noted to your upcoming offers and services.

4. Immediate Feedback’s:

Feedback’s in a business are the right clues to understanding the end user’s perspective and when they come from your target customers, what’s more, to demand. Social media helps you to fix your bugs with the given feed backs during the process of social media marketing which in turn, helps your process to get better and business to grow faster.

5. Builds brand recognition and brand loyalty:

“Brands with active social media presence have more loyal customers”, says a report by Texas Tech University. Social Media today is more of a daily routine to everyone, your Social Media presence is insight to your audience every day, being at a continuous glance makes a brand recognition and builds loyalty.

6. Increases Sales:

The ultimate goal for every business in the growing market is more or less dependent solely on increasing sales. Getting access to quick feedback helps you deliver better to your targeted customer and grow faster. A happy customer is the source of escalating sales thus, adding up to good sales conversions. According to recent researches, Social media drives almost 14% of all sales and 13% of all conversions.

Every coin has two faces and so does the effect that Social Media follows. Yes, your Social Media presence can aid you with countless benefits but it can also harm your brand value if not carried in a proper manner. Know your audience well before jumping into the world of Social media, do more of what is best for you and keep experimenting to come up with better strategies for your audience, after all your Social Media affects branding.
“Become Social – Come Online…!”

How Social Media Affects Branding

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